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IhmSelbst - 5/6/2005 um 05:43

aMule 2.0.2 ist erschienen - die sogenannte " [Your Ad Here] " version.

Kry dazu:
Originally posted by Kry
As some of you might have noticed, 2.0.2 is out (The " [Your Ad Here] " version). Some clever guys even spotted it on wiki before we actually did the proper release :)

Anyway!. This is neither a hotfix release nor a big one, just fixes some bugs (some important ones anyway) and implements some stuff. It's recomended to upgrade anyway, specially for stability issues.

What does this release NOT include:
  • New daemon socket code (is only avaiable on CVS right now and planned for 2.0.3)
  • UBT (on CVS right now also, will be on 2.1.0)
  • Lot of misc stuff that it's on CVS but on testing stage.
This is not a release to be in the bleeding edge - that's what CVS is for. This is a stable and friendly release ;)

For the changelog, as usual, click here.

For downloads, this is the place. Tarballs and some rpms are up, along with Mac binary, other packages will follow soon, included the Win32 binary.

We also want to welcome a new team member: volpol. He came, he patched, he joined. Welcome to the team.

Enjoy your aMule experience :)



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