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Autor: IhmSelbst

IhmSelbst - 10/10/2003 um 01:11

wie gehabt, nochmal für´s Archiv:

Serverversion 16.41 offiziell freigegeben.

New in version 16.41 :

  • A performance problem for machines without epoll was fixed. Thanks to Tim French for reporting the problem and providing an ssh access to his server.

  • A blackhole feature is integrated, and can drive an external daemon to add/delete some firewall rules : Some clients try to log on servers once per second. I've seen more than 10000 attempts coming from one client in one hour.

  • A whitelist feature to allow some IP or netrange used by some unfortunate NAT users... This is combined with a 'lowid only' list, that avoids backdoor test for well known lowid IP/netranges.

  • A new parameter msgrandomport=true) can ask eserver to send messages to clients using the default 4662 port

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